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Fraud Lawyer Miami

Fraud is defined as a form of deception deliberately committed in order to secure an unfair and unlawful advantage or monetary gain. Typically considered a “White Collar Crime” in Miami, FL, there are several different types of fraud crimes, but all usually result in hefty fines and jail time for those who are convicted.  Incidents can range from a street-level con to insider trading within a global corporation or embezzlement. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the type of fraudulent activity, the offense may be considered a state crime or a federal crime, or both. If federal, the penalties will be much more extreme.

When someone is accused of fraud, they can be charged with several crimes on top of the actual offense, including conspiracy. It’s important to seek legal defense as quickly as possible to avoid the full spectrum of penalties associated with a fraud crime. If you are battling a fraud accusation in Miami, turn to the Brody Law Firm, LLC today for immediate assistance.

The Brody Law Firm, LLC is a South Florida law firm committed to protecting the rights of individuals accused with a criminal offense. Our fraud crime attorneys in Miami will take on your case and review all the details surrounding your accusation in order to ensure the best possible outcome ensues. We understand that are a wide range of circumstances surrounding a fraud charge and know that many times, those involved may not even realize they are committing an offense. Trust that our attorneys will leave no stone unturned when it comes to gathering evidence on your behalf and will not rest until your charges are either significantly diminished or thrown out completely.

Common Types of Fraud Crimes

Fraud can range from a complicated pyramid scheme to a one-person act, and as such, penalties can range in severity. Whether the charges against you are based on financial fraud, personal fraud, or government fraud, or even health care fraud, you need a top criminal attorney on your side to make sure you are not falsely accused or suffer the maximum penalties for the offense.

Below are some of the most common types of fraud crimes in Miami:

  • Tax Fraud – Involves an evasion of taxes by individuals, corporations and trusts or misrepresentation of information on tax materials.

  • Insurance Fraud  – Occurs when someone tries to obtain a benefit they are not entitled to or denies a benefit that is due knowingly. Can include health insurance or any other type of insurance program or policy.

  • Mail Fraud – One of the most commonly charged federal crimes. Involves an intention to defraud that involves using the United State Postal Service or other interstate mail carrier.

  • Wire Fraud – a federal crime that involves an individual using some form of communication device, including a telephone, computer or the internet, to commit an act of fraud.

  • Ponzi Scheme – An investment operation that pays its investors from existing capital or capital from new investors, instead of from actual profit earned by the individual or organization running the operation.

Aside from these common fraud crimes, our firm can also offer you representation for:

  • Social Security Fraud (Identity Theft)

  • Credit Card Fraud,

  • Check Fraud

  • Counterfeiting

  • Bank Fraud

  • Pyramid Scheme

  • Securities Fraud

  • Credit Card Fraud

  • Immigration Fraud

  • Telemarketing Fraud

  • Religious Fraud

  • Marriage Fraud

Elements for Fraud Crimes

In order for a criminal fraud accusation to hold, the following elements must be present:

  • There is a misrepresentation of facts

  • The perpetrator or organizer knows or believes their scam is false

  • The victim of the crime relies on the falsehood of the fraud

  • An actual loss or damage is sustained as a result

Penalties for Fraud Crimes

If those factors are present, those accused of fraud may be looking at serious penalties, including fines, restitution, probation, and incarceration in a federal prison.

Fraud charges can either be considered misdemeanor or felony crimes, but regardless of the circumstances surrounding each case, it is imperative you seek legal help immediately to prevent a lifetime of issues related to employment, financial assistance, and legal privileges.

Our Miami criminal defense lawyers are on your side and are committed to protecting your rights. You can expect our attorneys to speak to police and witnesses, insurance companies, and anyone involved in your case gather evidence on your behalf. We will not rest until the most favorable outcome is attained.

Call today for a free consultation so we can discuss the best approach for your fraud case.