Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Miami, FL

A criminal charge in Miami, FL can carry extensive consequences for an individual, even if the incident is a first time offense. Having one of the highest crime rates in the nation, Miami doesn’t take criminal charges lightly, which means that anyone who has been accused of committing or assisting in a misdemeanor or felony offense can face serious penalties, from having to perform community service, to having their driver’s license revoked, to being imprisoned for several years. A criminal conviction can also affect an individual’s personal life as well, leading to the loss of a job, difficulty obtaining new employment, and in severe cases, even the revocation of certain civil rights like voting.

The severity of the accusation determines the level of punishment, but there are times when individuals are wrongfully accused of committing a crime or are unjustly hit with the maximum penalty for the offense in question. If you have been accused of, indicted for, or arrested on a criminal charge, having an experienced attorney on your side is the best defense to ensure your rights are protected.

At the Brody Law Firm, LLC, we are committed to your case and will fight diligently to secure the best possible outcome for your proceedings. Our criminal defense attorneys in Miami have handled a wide range of cases throughout South Florida, including DUI and Homicide, and will provide you with the superior legal counsel you deserve.  Each criminal case is unique, which is why we focus on your individual needs and concerns. Our lawyers thoroughly investigate every aspect of your case, from speaking with witnesses and police officers to inspecting the scene of the crime to gather evidence on your behalf.  Trust that with the Brody Law Firm, LLC on your side, your case will resolve as quickly and favorably as possible.

When Experience Counts

No matter how minor a criminal charge may be, those suspected or accused of an offense can face a lifetime of penalties if the charges are not contested swiftly and successfully. Even a petty theft crime can result in jail time without the assistance of an experienced criminal lawyer. Contesting a criminal offense requires dedication, passion, and expertise, and that’s exactly what the Brody Law Firm, LLC., is committed to providing.

Our criminal defense lawyers have been successfully defending and protecting the rights of individuals accused of crimes for several years. Our trial attorneys have represented clients from New York, California, Virginia, New Mexico and several other states who have gotten themselves in trouble while in Florida.  We know how to attack the prosecution and will not rest until your charges are reduced or eliminated altogether. Our law firm provides representation to individuals facing both misdemeanor and felony charges.

Turn to our firm if you or a loved one has been accused of any of the following criminal offenses:

  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

  • Drug Crimes

  • Assault and Battery

  • Domestic Violence

  • Weapons Charges

  • Robbery

  • Burglary

  • Theft

  • Arson

  • Sex Crimes

  • White Collar Crimes

  • Prostitution/Solicitation

  • Homicide

  • Disorderly Intoxication

  • Disorderly Conduct

  • Resisting Officer With Violence or Without Violence

Note:  The Brody Law Firm, LLC will help assist with sealing and expunging your arrest record.

Superior Legal Defense to Beat Your Criminal Charge

There is only a limited time in which a criminal charge can be contested. When time is of the essence, you need to ensure you have top legal representation to protect your rights. The Brody Law Firm, LLC understands that facing arrest or persecution for an offense you may have not even committed can be extremely frightening, but we are here to offer you our full attention and unrelenting support.

Let us put our expertise to work for you. Contact our criminal lawyers in Miami at (305) 610-5526 today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation so we can discuss the best defensive strategy for your case.