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Daman Brody Reviews

Daman Brody was the light at the end of the tunnel for me. I had some legal issue at the age of 20 and I thought I was going to end up going to jail for something very unexpected. Brody was able to solve the case and helped me remain calm and confident throughout the entire process which allowed me to continue with my studies and uninterrupted work schedule. Mr. Brody was very precise and confident in his work. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone who needs guidance and a good form of representation.


Thanks to your help now I am able to continue with my normal life, you did a fantastic job in court for me and I will always be greatful.

-Mr. Abreu

I hired Mr. Brody to defend my interests in a business/contract dispute. The matter involved high profile companies and attorneys. I was faced with a demand to withdraw my monetary interests in a business deal or face a lawsuit seeking $1 million in punitive damages. To say I was stressed would be an understatement. After some time of intense negotiating, I was never sued and Mr. Brody obtained a monetary settlement representing my fair share of the business deal. At all times I was informed of all developments and Mr. Brody always asked for my input as the client. I would recommend Mr. Brody to anyone faced with a contract/business dispute.


Daman Brody is a gift from God. I got in trouble and was frantic that my career was ruined. I needed the best attorney I could find. I almost hired a frequently televised attorney in the Miami area, but then I met Daman. From the moment that we spoke on the phone, Daman listened to me, calmed me, and assured me that everything would be okay. I quickly concluded that he was the attorney I needed to hire. And I am SO GLAD that I hired him over the other media-prone showboat attorney. Daman was always on call for me whenever I needed him 24/7 (although I respect his evening hours), and always encouraged me to ask him more questions so that I was fully informed and understood the stages of my case from start to finish. Throughout the entire process, Daman protected me and fought hard for me and I cannot emphasize enough how grateful I am that I hired him. He was upfront with me regarding all costs, and he worked with me in finding a final number that we were both satisfied with. Daman is poised, graceful and diligent. But most importantly he KNOWS the law. Daman is everything you could EVER ask for in a lawyer. He handled my case with fragility and care, he put the pressure on the state and before I knew it my case was dismissed. After the dismissal, and still in shock that Daman handled my case so smoothly and efficiently, I told Daman that he is Walking Magic. And it is true, because it is clear that he was placed on this earth to help people. I will always recommend Daman because I know he will get the job done- I know what he did for me, when I felt like my world was caving in. And he saved me. Daman Brody is a one of a kind gem. God Bless Daman Brody!


I needed an attorney who would treat my son’s case as if it was as important to them as it was to us. Mr. Brody did exactly that. He was professional, extremely proficient and took every call. After the first phone call I did not want to shop around for another lawyer. It turned out to be a great choice as he delivered the most optimal results, exactly what I prayed for – case dismissed.


Mr. Brody accepted me at short notice. He was very professional and the same time made me comfortable and confident in my court results. He constantly keep me and my family informed on the status of my case. He contacted them personally! Once he was given my details from my case along with the proper paper work he immediately started working to overturn my charges in court. This case was in Florida and I am a Maryland resident. Mr. Brody was able to work trhough this process with out me having to inconveniently return to Florida. I was facing 3 charges against a tough prosecutor and all of them have been dropped. Definetly appreciative of what he has done and I reccomend him to anyone especially in the state of Florida.


Daman was referred to me by a friend, I received a couple criminal charges for an incident and I gave him a call. He immediately took action into helping me with my case and made me feel relieved! During the whole case he walked me through everything and kept me informed. He got me a great deal and was quick did not waste time. I have hired Daman for multiple times and reasons and every time it’s been a great outcome.


I want to thank Mr. Brody for his dedication, passion, and hard work. Mr. Brody was very accessible, knowledgeable, and professional. Great customer service! I highly recommend him if you need legal representation. Simply the best, I can’t thank him enough, a heaven sent.


I hired Daman for a criminal case in 2015. Without going into the details, it was a very serious matter. I have hired lawyers before, and I can honestly say that no one provided the services Daman did. Daman did not stop until he got the best possible result for my case. Daman went the extra mile in my case. I’m not complaining but he spent an incredible amount of time preparing my case. He visited scenes, personally spoke to all the witnesses, and kept me informed every time he did anything. Daman is not the cheapest lawyer in town, but his fees are reasonable. He cares about his client and earned every penny. I have recommended Daman and no one has had a different experience.


Attorney Brody went above and beyond for me. He was more personally involved in my matter than any lawyer I have ever encountered. For example, he forwards his office phone to his cell phone so you can reach him after business hours. He genuinely cared about my thoughts and opinions, and managed to explain everything to me during the process so I felt fully involved. I would definitely recommend him to everyone I know, and I will never hire another attorney except Mr. Brody. Also, it doesn’t hurt that he got me a favorable outcome and we won the case.


Mr. Brody fixed a nightmare situation that I experienced in Miami. All charges were dropped and the case was dismissed thanks to him. He was able to handle everything without me having to go back to Miami for court.


He resolved my legal issues in Miami while I never left NYC. The matter was resolved by Mr. Brody in 30 days. Literally, the date of offense was 2/14 and my charges were dropped 3/15. The best outcome I could have hopped for. Thanks Mr Brody!